Lenka – Two (Bonus Track Version)

Two is the second studio album by the Australian recording artist Lenka. It was released on 19 April 2011 in the United States through Epic Records and on 28 February 2011 in Singapore.

The album was Lenka’s second solo album after having been a member of the group Decoder Ring. The first single from the album, “Heart Skips a Beat”, was released on 11 February 2011 to little commercial success. Because of this lack of success,[citation needed] Two failed to chart as well as its predecessor, Lenka (2008).


1. Two
2. Heart Skips a Beat
3. Roll With the Punches
4. Sad Song
5. Everything At Once
6. Blinded By Love
7. Here to Stay
8. You Will Be Mine
9. Shock Me Into Love
10. Everything’s Okay
11. The End of the World
12. Maybe I Love You
13. Wrote Me Out


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